Usage and Safety Guidelines

  1. Choose a tree that is at least 15cm (6 inches) wide (but the thicker it is, the better!) 
  2. Avoid hanging from dead/burnt/dying trees 
  3. Make sure there are no dead branches above you that could fall down and disturb your relaxing!
  4. Choose trees that are not brittle or break easily. For example Cottonwood trees are known to be very brittle and can break without warning 
  5. Be sure to follow the weight rating on the hammock 
  6. In some areas, hammock use is prohibited, so be sure to check before you hang 
  7. Make sure your hammock is far enough off the ground, but not so high that a fall could seriously hurt you
  8. Ensure hammock is level 
  9. Avoid leaving your hammock in the sun for extended periods of time 
  10. Make sure you don't hang your hammock near open flame or campfires 
  11. Avoid contact with shoes and sharp objects 
  12. Never leave children unattended with the hammock 
  13. Use of hammocks in extreme wind is not recommend 
  14. Use hammocks at your own risk