About us

A place for the wanderers and backyard explorers, lovers of the outdoors and protectors of the earth. 

Our Story

Umber Earth hammocks were created to keep the focus on what matters most- the world around us. Umber Earth portable hammocks help you witness the beauty around you while leaving nothing but footprints.  

Caring for the earth
Each portable hammocks is made with 100% clean, renewable energy generated through solar panels. We believe in not only marvelling our earth, but actively protecting it. All of our hammocks are also shipped in 100% compostable mailers! 
Caring for  One Another

We believe in not only caring for the earth, but also one another. That's why Umber Earth supports opportunities for rural women in India. Currently, 85% of the production team for our hammocks are women.

Our Socials

We're more than just mindful outdoor products- we're a community of adventure seekers. Follow us on Pinterest and Insta for a glimpse into our community!