Hammock camping: Tips for beginners

Hammock camping can seem a little intimidating at first, but with a little practice, you’ll be enjoying lounging under the star in no time! Here are some hammock camping tips to get you started:

Test it out before you go hammock camping 

This may seem obvious, but testing out your new gear before you go hammock camping hammock. Set up your camping hammock in a local park or your backyard. If possible, “test sleep” in it for a night before taking it out camping


Buy the right hammock for hammock camping

Make sure to buy a hammock made with durable materials and attention to detail – such as triple stitching. Ensure you buy a camping hammock that has a weight capacity rating of over your body weight. You can even get a double hammock which can provide extra sleeping room or the option for a second person to join you!

The Umber Earth camping hammock features knot-free tree straps, triple stitching and weighs under 1kg. As a bonus, the production of each hammock supports opportunities for women in India and each hammock is shipped in compostable packaging

Sleep diagonally

 Many try to sleep straight in their hammock, but lying diagonally helps you to not curl up like a banana (hello back pain!). This also stops the hammock from bunching up along the sides. For a super comfortable lay, invest in a double hammock as this will allow you to lay even flatter

Be aware of your camping hammock’s features

Many hammocks have added features which can come in handy on a camping trip. Often, they include a gear pocket in which you can store valuables and things like a first aid kit or flashlight.

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Test out a pillow

Technically you don’t need to use a pillow when sleeping in a hammock, but it may make it more comfortable for you. You can use a full size pillow from your bed or an inflatable camping pillow.

Consider a double (two person) camping hammock

Not because you necessarily want to sleep with another person, but because it gives you more room! The extra fabric creates a cosy cocoon around you as an added bonus. Double hammocks also often have a higher weight rating than single hammocks, which gives you extra peace of mind and gives you the option to strap gear to the hammock or even have it in the hammock with you. A double hammock is also a great option if you’d like to go hammock camping with your dog.

The Umber Earth double hammock is larger than most, which allows for a super comfortable sleep!

Take lightweight gear on your hammock camping adventure 

One of the biggest benefits of hammock camping is that they’re so lightweight! When you invest in other lightweight camping gear, you feel as though you’re carrying nothing

Consider the weather

Hammocks are generally colder to sleep in than tents. That’s why you should make sure to take appropriate clothing and a sleeping bag or blanket when you go hammock camping. Consider going hammock camping in warm conditions for your first few trips until you get the hang of it (pun intended!).

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Hang your camping hammock with some slack

When you hang up a hammock too tightly between anchor points, you may end up with an uncomfortable sleeping position. It can bend your shoulders in an awkward manner and make it difficult to lay diagonally comfortably. Instead, try hang it with some sag. This will also make it more difficult to fall out of!

 If you want to be super specific, you can use a hammock hang calculator to work out exactly how to hang your camping hammock for ultimate comfort!  

Know how to use your camping hammock as a chair

Often, when you just sit in a hammock, it cuts off the circulation to your legs! It can also force you into an odd posture. To sit more comfortably, fold the edge of the fabric toward the centre of the hammock. Sit down on this doubled-over area for a more comfortable seat.   

Choose the right trees when hammock camping

This one may sound obvious, but it’s also easy to forget! Make sure you pick sturdy trees that are alive. Don’t forget to look up and make sure there are no branches that look like they might fall on you during the night (known as widow makers)

Know what to do if you can’t find a tree

If you’re hammock camping with your car and can only find one tree, tying the other end of your hammock to your roof rack or bull bar works just as well! Make sure to test the strength of these points before plonking down in your camping hammock!

Make sure your camping hammock is the right size

For a comfortable sleeping position, adults generally need a camping hammock that is at least 8.5 feet by 4 feet wide (2.59m x 1.2m). Most people would find a slightly bigger hammock even more comfortable.

The Umber Earth camping hammock measures 10.5ft x 6ft (3.2m x 1.8m). At this size, it’s larger than most and even those of us that are taller can find a comfortable sleeping position.

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Look after the environment

Make sure to use tree straps that are at least 1inch (2.5cm) wide so that they don’t damage the trees they are strapped to. 

Umber Earth hammocks feature tree-safe straps that require no knots to set up.


Hopefully you’re feeling ready to embark on your first hammock camping adventure!


Happy adventures!

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